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SRP™ Rear Sight - Geauga Precision LLC
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SRP™ Rear Sight


This is the perfect companion sight to the 10/22 Viper Eyes™. 

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When we were developing our 10/22 Viper Eyes™ front sight, it became evident a truly reliable and durable rear aperture sight was required to enable our front sights to perform the way they were designed.  A number of competitive sights were tested to meet this need and to one degree or another all were found lacking.  So out of necessity we set out to develop an adequate rear sight and the result was the SRP™ rear sight. SRP stands for simple, robust and precise. Except for screws and a replaceable aperture, the sight consists of two pieces, an anodized aluminum base that screws directly to the receiver of the gun and the steel upper blade that holds the aperture and provides windage and elevation adjustment. The adjustments are simple, some would say crude, but they provide the sight with the number one design objective – to reliably hold a precise zero.  The windage adjustment is accomplished by two opposing #10 screws in the base that clamp the upper blade laterally. Loosening one with the provided hex key and tightening then other moves the aperture left of right for windage.  Loosening one of windage screws and rotating the elevation screw with the same hex key then retightening the windage screw accomplishes an elevation adjustment without affecting windage.  The adjustment screws are all fine thread and adjustments are continuous, not stepwise as some competitive sights employ.

The aperture provided with the SRP™ rear sight is .125 inch diameter.  When used in conjunction with the 10/22 Viper Eyes™ sight, we find this aperture allows the shooter to see a ring of light around the halo of the font sight.  The ring of light provides a very precise tool for front and rear sight alignment, and the .125 aperture allows enough light through to see the target even in compromised lighting situations.

This is the perfect companion sight to the 10/22 Viper Eyes™.

Professional installation recommended.


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