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Dual Point Pronghorn™ - Rifle Application - Geauga Precision LLC
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Dual Point Pronghorn™ – Rifle Application


Perfect for the AR-15 and other modern sporting rifles! A remarkably effective sight at extended ranges and an excellent backup iron sight.

It’s hard to hit what you can’t see!

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Our AR 15 Pronghorn™ sight is a simple and low cost way to experience the Geauga Precision sighting system. It’s a direct replacement for the screw-in front sight post in A2 gas block sights or many flip up BUIS (back up iron sight) bases.   The all steel construction and black oxide finish offer strength and durability that belies the fragile appearance of the sight. When installed in the protective wings of the typical sight base strength and durability are no issue. Installation and adjustment for elevation is simple using a flat blade screwdriver to turn the sight and a 1/16 punch to depress the locking detent.  The height of the Pronghorn is dimensionally the same as the stock sight post so visual positioning of the detent ring in the sight base to match the old sight is a good starting point. Adjusting the sight so the point of aim is the top of the sight at your desired zeroing range is the proper height of the sight in the base.  The sight itself is self-centering to allow for a little wiggle in the detent.

Once zeroed the point of aim of the rifle should be the center of the small gap at the top of the front sight. This allows for a well-defined point of aim, vertical and lateral precision, and exceptional visibility of the target. The circular cutout in Pronghorn sight allows for easy and consistent holdover for shooting at extended ranges while still being able to see the target.

We should note that many shooters want to treat the Pronghorn™ sight as a front aperture sight when they initially try the sight.  This defeats the purpose of the Dual Point™ concept. Your brain should process the image from your eye to define the point of aim as the midpoint between the two points on both sides of the small gap at the top of the sight.  This is far more precise in both windage and elevation than the center of the circular cutout.


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