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Dual Point Pronghorn™ - Handgun Application for Glock 42 & 43 - Geauga Precision LLC
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Dual Point Pronghorn™ – Handgun Application for Glock 42 & 43


Patent pending iron sights that don’t suck. For Glock handguns.

It’s hard to hit what you can’t see!

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Applications for popular Glock handguns are our initial offerings for shooters to experience the Dual Point™ concept in handgun shooting. A set of sights consists of an all steel Dual Point™ front sight and a rear sight assembly made with precisely machined steel dovetail base and an interchangeable black polycarbonate notch that allows the shooter the ability to get a precise zero with “fixed sights”. Polycarbonate is the material used in bullet-proof glass. It’s easy to machine and is tough as nails. We supply sight sets with one notch that should shoot slightly high at typical handgun ranges. Some judicious filing of the polycarbonate notch will lower the point of impact to match the point of aim.  Alternatively, we provide custom machined notches at nominal cost to raise or lower the point of impact.  Changing the notch is easily done by removing and replacing two close tolerance screws with the wrench provided.

The Dual Point™ front sight is a ramp design that mounts to the gun with the same key and screw system used on other Glock sights. As stated before the ramp is all steel construction with the same Dual Point™ geometry as our AR 15 sight.  The sight is low enough profile to fit many holsters and the ramp is machined at the top with a reverse angle cut to eliminate glare. The sight can be supplied in plain black, but our standard is for the lower part of the ramp painted white and the anti-glare cut painted fluorescent orange.  As such it provides a striking contrast with the black rear notch.

Together the front and rear sight line up as in product image graphic to create a sight picture that provides a precise definition of point of aim and excellent visibility of the target.

Hits at both near and extended ranges are easily achieved.


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