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We make iron sights that DON’T SUCK.

It’s hard to hit what you can’t see.

Dual Point Pronghorn™ front sight for an AR-15 rifle.

But why iron sights?

Geauga Precision’s patent-pending iron sights let you see the target. Call us crazy, but we think that’s pretty important.

  • Iron sights are light as a feather compared to scopes.

  • Iron sights don’t take up much space. Your handgun will still fit the holster and your rifle will fit a scabbard.

  • They can take a beating. There’s no glass to break, no fog, no broken reticles, and no batteries.

  • You’ll be faster at finding the sight picture than with a highly magnified scope.

  • They cost so much less than a scope.

Our patent-pending products have bifurcated front sights. That’s just the technical way to say the front sight is designed to let you SEE the target. Improved visibility also improves the speed of target acquisition AND accuracy with a better sight picture definition.

But don’t take our word for it.  Our customers think pretty highly of our products too.

I shoot at the range 1 to 2 times a week. My tritium sights needed replacement on my Glock 21. I was looking for a sight that was unique and would help me improve my target grouping. I needed to find something that would make it easier for me to center the pistol on target.  I came across Geauga Precision’s Dual Point Pronghorn™ and had it installed.  Finish and quality are excellent.  After a short learning curve, I saw the usefulness of this sight.  I have used this sight in various weather conditions, light and ranges from 5 to 25 yards.  This sight allowed me to improve and increase my target acquisition time. I was also able to keep a tighter target group.  A superior sight for any Glock pistol.

Eric Stransky

LTC, USAR, Retired

Conventional iron sights obstruct the shooter’s view of the target.


Don’t let a dismal sight picture ruin your accuracy.


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Dual Point Pronghorn™

Handgun Application

Now available for Glock 

Dual Point Pronghorn™

Rifle Application

Perfect for the AR-15 and other MSRs

Dual Point Viper Eyes™

Rifle Application

Now available!